Campo Verano

Campo Verano is a series of portraits reinterpreting the photographic portraits affixed to grave markers in Campo Verano, the largest cemetery in Rome. However, by removing the pictures from their original context, they undergo a transformation, whereby Eskerod, through the enlargement of the photographs, makes visible the details and image structures, which are then able to enter new creations of meaning. Structures that reveal he impact of time on the materially vain surface of the pictures, reminding us of the pres­ence of death in the photograph as maintenance of a bygone moment. Eske­rod’s portraits are thus not merely a delineation of portraits; they also revolve around human conditions of existence: life and death. The weath­ering impact of time on these burial portraits has added an extra dimension in the form of a reflection on the photograph as an instrument of recollection, as layer upon layer in the creation of memories and remembrance.

Campo Verano was published by KEHRER Verlag in 2009. The book includes a text by Stephen Greenblatt.

ISBN: 978-3-86828-058-6
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