Beyond the Rush - Uden for myldretid

For more than a year the four photographers, Christina Capetillo, Torben Eskerod, Carsten Ingemann and Henrik Saxgren have been travelling through the remoter parts of Denmark, creating images that can lend a counterweight to the prevailing prejudices.

The exhibition is a journey through open landscapes and disregarded urban spaces. An invitation to peer into the darkness. A contemplation of people's modus vivendi and their need to separate nature and culture.

Each photographer has chosen his or her own focus, but their shared ambition has been to look beyond what is superficially apparent. Politically and economically, the periphery may well exist, but, for the photographers, each person and each place is its own centre. Taking inspiration from the history of the places, the people, the landscapes and towns they have created a quiet – yet surprising – tribute to the potentials that the periphery also presents.

The exhibition and catalogue are sponsored by Realdania

Installationview, Kunstmuseet i Tønder, 2013
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