Friends and Strangers

The central motif in the series Friends and Strangers is the individual person, who is photographed from directly in front, without any characteristic attributes, clothes or background whatsoever. All of those portrayed look directly into the eye of the camera – openly, calmly and attentively, as if they are awaiting a response from the observer.


The men portrayed range from 40 to 50 years of age. They have lived approximately half of their lives. Time has passed and left its trace on the faces of these men – their life-experience is revealed in the honest portraits. Eskerod uses photography as a working method to reach a deeper layer, implying another insight into, and understanding of, the term masculinity. 

These may be considered to be classic portraits, but what differs is that all the images tell about the person depicted is that which can be read from the shape of the body, the fall of the hair and the traces of life left on the countenance.

Installationview, Peter Lav Gallery, 2006
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