Contemplation - Marselis - Seascapes

The photographic series Marselis is the first series in an ongoing new project entitled Contemplation. In various series of photographs, Eskerod contemplates places and buildings which he captures through the camera by dwelling on details and ambiances within the places. 

Eskerod depicts a day of contemplation in the forest of Marselis (Aarhus, Denmark) using old films to capture fragments of trees and the ocean nearby. The outdated films have made the photographs turn out exaggerated and unrealistic in their colors, giving them a spiritual and almost metaphysical touch. 

These beautiful landscapes follow the art historical tradition of the romantic landscape, where nature is depicted with overstated beauty. But unlike romantic landscape painting, the exaggerated beauty of these photographs is rooted in technical mishaps, leaving the photographic medium itself a as a co-creator or capturer of this special ”something” that Eskerod himself finds in this place. 

Marselis will be published by KEHRER VERLAG in the spring 2014. 

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