Contemplation - Marselis

The book Marselis presents a series of landscape photographs that were taken on a winter day in the forest of Marselis in Denmark. The pictures were taken with analogue films that – unexpectedly – were expired and had been exposed to heat. The accelerated emulsion of the films had led to a loss of information over time and the colors in the pictures were thus transformed, leaving the landscapes unrealistic, but almost magical. This uncontrollable process resulted in a misrepresentation between the experienced moment in the forest and the landscapes we see in the final images, thus emphasizing the impact that time has on photography and on memory itself.

Marselis was published by KEHRER VERLAG in 2014. The book includes a text by curator at Brandts, Jens Friis.

32 pages, col.ill., ISBN: 978-3-86828-384-6

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